Childlessness Transformed:
Stories of Alternative Parenting

Edited by Jane English

-- Childless people tell their personal stories of finding other forms of parenting

-- Chapters by Jeffrey Mishlove, Jane English, Stanislav Grof, Brooke Medicine Eagle,
and 16 other men and women from many walks of life

-- A cross-cultural and historical overview of the roles of childless people

-- Table of contents and links to the text of all the chapters

"While offering valuable testimony about a thorny subject, this book feels like a soft shoulder and a warm hug. It's balm for anyone who has ever struggled with this nearly-taboo subject."
-- "New Directions for Women" - New York - 1989

This timely volume addresses a key question of our time; population control means not having children. Being not bodies alone, we need cultural--philosophical and social--underpinnings to mentally and emotionally support the physical act of not reproducing. The subjects of "Childlessness Transformed" have achieved this for themselves and may be clearing the way for many more of us.
-- Sierra Club Newsletter "Bonanza" Sacramento, CA - 1989

Written ahead of its time in 1989, this book addresses a subject that has finally become somewhat less taboo.

Links to other web pages on childlessness, including several on "childless by choice"

ISBN 0-934747-20-2 , 176 pages, quality paperback

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