Mount Shasta's BLACK BUTTE
Stories - History - Art - Geology - Photographs

edited by Jane English & Bonnie Eddy

In the middle of the valley to the west of Mount Shasta, and often mistaken for it by visitors when the bigger mountain is obscured by clouds, is a tiny volcano, Black Butte.

Mount Shasta's Black Butte, edited by writer Bonnie Eddy and well-known photographer Jane English, is filled with stories, history, art, geology and photographs of this unique little peak that, were it not in the shadow of Mount Shasta, would be a well known landmark in its own right.

Table of Contents

This popular landmark of northern California is rich in natural and human history, but until now has been largely ignored.

Its stories are finally told here by knowledgeable contributors and illustrated with luscious photographs.

This book is a wonderful read and a lasting resource.
- Dennis Freeman, library director and curator of the Mount Shasta Collection at College of the Siskiyous, Weed, California

We are blessed to have this perfect little book telling Black Butte's whole story.
- Kathy Lancaster, owner, Village Books, Mt. Shasta, California

$17.95 -- ISBN: 0-934747-09-1 -- 7"x8" quality paperback
108 pages - printed in USA on quality recycled paper
illustrated with many color and black-and-white photographs

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