Mount Shasta Wallpaper for your computer

Having had numerous requests for wallpaper or screensavers from admirers of my Mount Shasta photographs I have decided to post my favorites here. Come back from time to time to see if I have gotten around to posting any new images.

These images are free. I ask only that you email me your snail mail address so I can send you my annual fall mailing. I do not share my list, and I only do one mailing a year. You can of course download the images anyhow, but I'd really appreciate your sending your address.

When people admire your new wallpaper, please point to the little "" at the bottom and suggest they come for a visit.

By downloading you agree to the following terms:

These screensavers are free to download to your own computer for PERSONAL USE ONLY. 
Once downloaded, they may not be re-distributed in any form. 

1 - Do not take these images and add them to email distribution lists.
2 - Do not add them to a website collection offering them for download.
3 - Do not copy them to disks other than your hard drive for sale, for profit or for pleasure.
4 - Instead of any of the above, direct your friends to this page ---

If you wish to use these images for anything other than personal use on your own PC, you must ask me for permission to do so. 


640 x480 pixels

800 x600 pixels

1024 x768 pixels


Wildflower Garden

 640 x480 pixels

800 x600 pixels

1024 x768 pixels


Click on the size of your choice to get a fullsize version. Then click and hold on the big picture until your browser displays a pull down menu, then choose to save it to your hard drive.

To install it as wallpaper in Macintosh System 8 or 9, go to the "appearance" control panel and click on the "desktop" tab and follow the directions there.
If you are an OS-X or PC user you will have to figure it out for yourself as I don't know how to do it.

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