Fine Art Prints

Choose your prints from most any of my photos that appear in books or calendars,
or from vintage photos by my grandfather, Walter H. James.

Large art-quality prints (about 12" x16") of the pages from Tao Te Ching and from the companion Chuang Tsu book are available - click the book titles to see pdf files that have all the photos

With the new archival pigmented inks available for inkjet printers, I now can create prints that equal or surpass what I used to create in the darkroom -- and the prices are much lower!
(Scroll down for more information.)

Here are a few of my favorites - click on small images to view descriptions and 6" (48k) versions of the16 photos below. Scroll down to see all 16 images.

Parfrey's Glen - #01

Elm - #02

Falls - #03

Forest Sun - #04

Oak Fog - #05

Oak Leaf on Snow - #06weather.htm

Reeds - #07

Woods Fog - #08

Sun Walk - #09

Gia-fu - #10

Footprint - #11

Owl - #12

Geese - #13

Arch - #14

Rowboat #15

Old Cars #16 

All photos are printed on a heavyweight matte-coated paper.
Technical notes on my photography, and the digital scans and prints.

Feel free to email me your questions about these photos and the prints, as well as about obtaining prints of photos not shown here.

Prices -- since the shapes vary, prices are based on the size paper used.
The image area is somewhat smaller than the paper sizes, which are 8.5"x11" for $20 or 13"x19" for $35

Priority mail shipping in the US is $5 for orders with only 8.5"x11" prints, and is $10 for orders with larger prints.
Inquire by email for rates to other countries

Ordering and payment -- be sure to give me your mailing address
By check or money order -- Make your check to Jane English, and mail to PO Box 90, East Calais, VT 05650
By PayPal -- Add 1.5% to your total to cover their commission. Make your paypal payment to

See Jane's color photographs on these pages: Mount Shasta prints -- Clouds -- and more coming soon!

More of Jane's monochrome photographs appear in
Tao Calendar -- Tao Te Ching - 2011 Edition -- Chuang Tsu book -- Tao Journal -- Tao Notecards -- Chuang Tsu poster -- Waterchild -- Lightning

Walter H. James' vintage monochrome photographs appear in
American Transcendental Calendar -- Our Mountain Trips -- Joys and Sorrows of an Automobilist

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