FINGERS pointing to the MOON
by Jane English

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There is a Zen teaching story that speaks of not mistaking a finger that points to the moon for the moon itself.

In this book are photographs, words and paintings that point to ineffable yet commonplace realities that are beyond words and images.

30 color photographs - 40 monochrome photographs - 35 paintings tree mandala

Softcover - on SALE $9.95
ISBN 978-0-934747-22-6 -- 120 pages
printed in USA

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Partial contents:

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A Science Autobiography - Jane's unique journey to a physics PhD and beyond

Photography: The Inward Journey - from a slideshow

Mandalas - Based on photographic images of nature

Tarot and Physics - Reconciling intuition and science - includes an experiment anyone can do

Four Perspectives on Cesarean Birth - From cause and effect, through karma then transformation, to transcendence.

Vision Cycle- Twenty-four paintings that express an inner map

Native Images - Finding within a white person's life the values pointed to by traditional cultures' art and ceremony

Science and Transformation - The wave/particle paradox in quantum physics as a "zen koan" A delightful perspective on where nuclear energy could lead us

Whimsey - Photographs and stories to delight the soul

Images from the book

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tipi photo

owl photo

oak tree photo

red maple leaf photo

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