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NEW book -- a rainbow of TAO

a rainbow of TAO, is many things:
- a retrospective story of my journey with Tao
- a blossoming into full color photography
- an introduction to Tao for those who have not heard of it
- an expansion of “Tao” beyond things ancient and Chinese to its true nature — the fullness of all that is.

The Ceremony Cards

ceremony cards book cover

The Ceremony Cards
A Living Introduction to the Traditional Teachings of the Far North from Greenland.

An interactive tool bridging the seen and the unseen, helping us remember the wisdom of the Ancient Ones

I Ching Yarrow Stalk Sets

Yarrow stalks for use with the I Ching oracle - hand crafted by Jane English

The annual Tao Calendar

Tao calendar cover

Tao Calendar
The 29th annual calendar featuring Jane English's color photographs of nature with text from Tao Te Ching and Chuang Tsu, with calligraphy by Gia-fu Feng

Tao books

Tao Te Ching book cover ChuangTsu book cover-Earth Heart Chuang Tsu book cover - Hay House Gia-fu Feng biography book cover

Tao Te Chingand Chuang Tsu: Inner Chapters -- editions by Gia-fu Feng and Jane English
plus Still Point - a biography of Gia-fu Feng, by Carol Wilson

More Books

See some of Jane English's older books, including Fingers Pointing to the Moon and Our Mountain Trips

Fingers book cover Our Mountain Trips book covers

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