Yin-Yang and The Ten Thousand Things


This image of Yin, Yang and the Ten-thousand Things came to me in meditation around 1988. It shows yin-yang opening up and bringing forth their rainbow children, all of creation, the “ten-thousand things.”

Rather than seeing yin and yang as opposites, we can realize a co-creative balance of masculine yang and feminine yin in our lives, so that their children, our creativity, the ten-thousand things, all the myriad ways the un-nameable whole is divided into discrete beings, can be born.

Tao begot one
One begot two
Two begot three
And three begot the ten-thousand things.
The ten-thousand things carry yin and embrace yang
They achieve harmony by combining these forces  
— Tao Te Ching, Chapter 42

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Two sizes:
8" x 8"   -- $18
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