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Traveling Exhibit

There is a larger printed version of Jane English's cesarean art collection Overview of Cesarean Birth that is available as a traveling exhibit.

Initially created in the spring of 2008 for a Childbirth Education conference near Seattle, and subsequently shown at an International Cesarean Awareness network (ICAN) meeting, it is available to be scheduled for other meetings, conferences, and educational institutions.

The Exhibit -- Eleven pairs of taped-together, free-standing 13" x 19" panels with the same material as is in the pdf file, plus a notebook containing comments by previous viewers of the exhibit.

Displaying the exhibit -- The panels are mounted on foam-core board and are best viewed stood up on standard conference center folding tables. If used along a wall, the half-width tables are good. A 6" to 8" riser on the tables is nice for lifting the display to eye level. No wall hangings required.

To schedule the exhibit for your event -- Please contact the "keeper" of the exhibit, Corey Lipson. Phone: (425) 427-6666 Email: myblueskye@comcast.net

Cost -- Insured UPS or FedEx shipping from the keeper (near Seattle), and from you back to her, plus $40 to help us recoup the cost of making the exhibit.

By agreeing to have it shipped to you, you are agreeing to be responsible for it's value of $500 (the time and materials that went into it). Either insure it, or be willing to make good any damages or loss incurred while the exhibit is in your possession.