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The Journey of Healing

Healing is bringing together that which has been split apart. It is a shedding of partial truths and a return to a deeper truth. From the personal inner journey, the Hero's Journey, one brings back a treasure. Then one must share the treasure or go crazy! Exploration of the implications of having been born cesarean was for me at first a vehicle in my movement toward healing; now it is a treasure to share.

We need to value the unique piece of the puzzle each of us has, the unique obstacles to overcome, the unique burdens to transform. In many of the articles and artwork listed below, the writers speak of the specifics of their own journey; that is the only thing they can speak of from experience. Others can use these words as metaphors where they fit, with respect to both the process and the content. -- Jane English

On Being a Wounded Healer -- Mairead Ni Chonaola, labor cesarean born

Cesarean Birth, Karmic Memory and the Present Life -- Gail Waxman, labor cesarean born

Healing the Mother Relationship -- Mary Myers -- non-labor cesarean born

Cesarean Birth and Psychotherapy -- Jane English, non-labor cesarean born

Treating Birth Trauma During Infancy: Cesarean Trauma: a video tape transcript -- William Emerson, psychologist

Review of the above video -- Jane English, non-labor cesarean born

Transformative art created while healing cesarean birth memories -- Rosemary Jellison, Jane English, and others

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