Yarrow Stalk set details


Stalks are about 8 inches long.

the color of the stalks varies from brown, to greenish to straw-colored. Most of them get lighter and less green with time.

Stalks sets are available thin, medium and thick. Let me know your preference

Jane's personal set of 35-year-old stalks, from north-central Washington State, are thin ones ones. Well cared for, even these thin stalks last many years!

Pouches and Ties

Examples of the pouches and woven ties for the bundle of yarrow stalks.

Click to see a much larger image of the pouches and ties

and click here for a bigger image of new pouches in 2023

I made a lot of the teal pouches last winter, especially the ones with the colorful lining - 2nd from top in the image below

The exact pouches and ties shown here may not be available when you order, so please give 2-3 choices

The pouch colors available include: black, forest green, burgundy, purple and brown -- and new in 2023, teal and gray

The color preferences you give will guide me in choosing for you.

The side opening makes it easy to get the stalks into the pouch -- with end-opening pouches the stalks get caught up in the side of the pouch as you slide them in.

The material is medium-weight cotton canvas  The pouch linings are lighter-weight fabric.

The pouch cords are braided cotton cord

The ties are woven on an inkle loom; five ties about 13 inches long come from each warping (winding of the long yarn) of the loom.

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