Reader Reviews of A Rainbow of TAO

Only yesterday evening did I finally sit down with A RAINBOW OF TAO. I’d looked through it when you first sent it, but had a raft of library books to read and return before I got to it. What a beautiful piece of work! You must be very proud.
— Toinette Lippe, retired senior editor at Knopf/Random House

I was determined to treasure it and read it slowly only by the beach but couldn’t help it tonight. It’s like sitting by a wood stove with a cup of tea with you. So personal and whimsical and deep and wise and down to earth. So you! Thank you for sharing yourself with the rest of us.
—Sabine Wilms, translator and publisher of books on Chinese medicine, owner of Happy Goat Prductions

What a lovely and amazing book! I felt your great desire for me, when you wrote of your hope to encourage us by taking our time through the writings and photography, to come to our own awareness of our own living Tao. Thank you for your hope! Something that jumped out at me, and gives me comfort is reading “Knowing when to stop when one does not know is perfection.” Chuang Tsu Chapter 2. And the expression of the finger pointing at the moon and not mistakenly believing that the finger is the moon is awesome! And so much of the photography speaks to me. Thank you for all that you invested in bringing this important book about. I somehow feel calmer and less burdened when experiencing it. And will revisit it from time to time.
— Marie Luther, a longtime fan of our Tao Te Ching

I am so honored to see this early version of your a Rainbow of Tao. I absolutely love it. The simplicity of Taoism has always resonated deeply with me, and having copies of your books since the early 70s has helped both Shelley and me to keep the spirit of the teachings alive and real. I cannot wait to hold a copy of the new book. The color photographs are incredibly apt and so well chosen. Please let us know how we can obtain copies.
—Jack Carman, another longtime fan who received an early copy

I have been crying, alone here, while reading Jane English’s book, A Rainbow of Tao. She speaks in a language I have come to know, which rarely comes early in life. She has shared her perception with me, and it is utterly confirming and calming. I am facing a difficult future to navigate. We all do from time to time, and mine is nowhere near as difficult as some must face, but it is mine, and seems hard enough to me. Jane has given me calm. It is quite wonderful to find another human who sees things as you do. Rare, too. Jane adds a touchstone, physics with rigorous thought and broad perception.
—Russell Paul, a delighted senior citizen

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