a rainbow of TAO

Yes indeed — yet another book from Jane English

A beautiful treasure of a book, a rainbow of TAO, is many things:
- a retrospective story of my journey with Tao
- a blossoming into full color photography
- an introduction to Tao for those who have not heard of it
- an expanded understanding of “Tao” beyond things ancient and Chinese to its true nature — the fullness of all that is.

7"x7" - lay-flat, spiral softbound - 120  pages - over 100 color photographs -  $19.95  
ISBN 978-0-934747-44-8 - printed in Vermont, USA


• Much more than a coffee-table book for those who cannot or will not exercise their mind in a logical, thoughtful fashion.
• This book will not explain, nor will it proselytize, but it may help open your eyes and mind to the ineffable, those glimmers and shimmers of understanding and comprehension that come to us unexpectedly. The universe is far richer and more complex than we ever guessed.
• Keep this book where you will come across it every now and then as a reminder.

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