Cesarean - Caesarean - Caesarian - Cesarian - yes, it is spelled all those different ways!
Cesarean Voices
A web site by, for, and about cesarean born people
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Writings and artwork by cesarean born people, both non-labor and labor, by parents of cesareans, by several artists, by obstetricians, psychiatrists and psychologists, and by other interested people.

Network with others who are interested in the personal, social and metaphysical implications of being born cesarean, and add your own thoughts and images to this collection.


 NEW - talk Jane is giving at the online 2022 prenatal congress

The Big Picture - Being Born Cesarean - a one page summary of 50 years of exploration

The Gift of Expanded Boundaries - stories and musings from a non-labor cesarean born person - 2021

A summary of resources on being born cesarean --  from Jane English

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A pdf of a slide show given by Jane English at a conference in Dresden, Germany, October 2013, on Cesarean Birth

An overview by Jane English - with art and writings (1.6 mb pdf file) also available as a traveling exhibit

See also the bilingual English/German edition

Pdf of Jane English's 1985 book, Different Doorway: Adventures of a Cesarean Born
with full-color versions of the original black-and-white artwork

The creator of this website is Jane English who has since 1973 been exploring the implications of having been born non-labor cesarean, of coming into a human life here on earth without going through the heretofore universal initiation and learning experience of the journey down the birth canal.

The current keeper of the website is Carrie Contey, PhD, a non-labor ceserean born prenatal and perinatal psychologist with a personal and professional passion for the subject of what it means physically, emotionally and spiritually to come into the world this way. Please address any questions or comments to her. Her email address is carrie@earlyparenting.com.

New Book -- Jane and Carrie are working on an edited book of stories about being born cesarean, with an emphasis on non-labor cesarean. It will be titled Cesarean Voices and will contain much of the information on this website. If you would like to share your stories from any perspective of the cesarean journey - personal experience, parent of a children born that way, birth practitioner, psychologist/counselor, etc. please contact Carrie at carrie@earlyparenting.com.

Non-labor cesarean: A cesarean delivery done before labor has begun
Labor cesarean: A cesarean delivery done after labor, often long hard labor.
These are very different experiences for the person being born!