The Ceremony Cards-Northern LIghts

The Ceremony Cards in Four Languages

English - Kalaallisut - Dansk - Deutsch
English - Greenlandic - Danish - German

see this web page in German - Deutsch

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There is now a four-language version of the book that accompanies The Ceremony Cards

Table of Contents in four languages -- Card Ceremony in four languages

Currently it is only in digital format as a pdf  - available here by donation

When we receive your donation we will email you a link for downloading your own copy of the pdf of the four-language book

You can help to bring the teachings of the Far North back to Greenland

Your generous donation not only brings you the pdf file of the four-language book, but also helps us pay for printing and international mailing of hard copies of the four-language book, plus sets of the cards, to elders and others in Greenland who are excited to have this small introduction to the wisdom of their ancestors.

With international postage, plus the cost of a card and cloth pouch set and a hard copy of the new four-language book, it costs about $100 to get a set to Greenland.

There are a few people in Greenland who already have the cards and need just the four language book. The cost of book plus postage for getting it to them is $60.

Make a Donation

Yes, these are difficult economic times -- but consider the power of paradox and donate anyhow, so our Greenlandic friends can access this bit of the wisdom of their ancestors in these difficult times.

Donate $100 and we will give you the opportunity to send a note to the recipient of your gift.

Smaller donations are welcome -- added together they will help us send more card sets and four-language books to Greenland.

Please email if you also wish to reserve your own printed copy of the four-language book --

In the USA the book only (no cards or pouch) with media mail postage is $25, or priority is $29 --

Internationally the book only is $60 with international priority postage or $45 with slower first class international postage.

On all these add 3.5% to cover fees if you pay by paypal.

Delivery will be sometime in the next couple of months -- they are not yet printed as we need to get the orders and the number from Greenlanders before we print.

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