The Ceremony Cards-Northern LIghts


You undertake a vision quest when you feel there must be something more, that what you are living is not all there is, and when you are willing to open to this “more.”
There are many ways to do a vision quest—from the traditional fasting alone in the wilderness for a period of time, to simply taking a moment to let go of all thought and external distractions, looking within, opening to whatever comes.
Then you return to the ordinary world more fully present in it.

—from the word card

arctic lake

Looking east at Aajuitsup Tasia —Jane English

Lift up your spirit above the present so you can look with eyes of faith into your own future. Aanakasaa, my Grandmother, says that your future is powerfully beautiful, if only you could learn to see it.

—Angaangaq Angakkorsuaq

I am completely smitten! You bring together language, imagery, spirituality and culture so beautifully in these cards.
—MA, Vermont, USA

The Ceremony Cards seem more community, even interspecies or whole earth oriented—who I am is not “separate from” but “a part of.” There is a different flavor or taste to them.
—DM, Maine, USA

These cards carry the message of my ancestors, bridging an old world with a new world. When I used the cards with another Greenlandic woman, she was moved to tears, it created an inner change with such intensity. She said, “I was surprised how my truth matched the message of the cards, how it hit the core of my emotions.” She gave me hope that these cards can begin the healing of colonization—the loss of identity and direction—and begin to bring back the spirit.
—Laali Lyberth, niece of Angaangaq

The Ceremony Cards carry the messages and teachings in a different way than the gatherings in circles with Angaangaq. The cards provide reminders of what has been taught and reinforce the journey and the pathways we are walking on. One person can only do so much; Angaangaq always told us he needed us and could not do this great work alone. We are the circles that ripple out to the world.
—LB, Canada

I have worked with the cards alone and also together with clients of mine, and there is always a big impact—what deep thoughts and understandings they can bring us. Always very helpful and a joy to work with. Thank you for having created them.
—PC, Switzerland

Working with the cards in circles of woman friends and clients is a wonderful experience.
—KA, South Africa

The cards come in a lovely, lined cloth packet. I know. I purchased a set. Take a moment to form an intention, pair an image card with a word card, and listen to the response that forms within you.
—ET, New Hampshire, USA

I like very much doing divination using two card decks—images and words—so many more combinations than if the two were together on a single card as in many tarot decks. What a positive divination tool this is. You have found a unique way to add your voice and ceremony to the teachings of the Far North.
—PJ, Washington DC, USA

It is an awesome task to convey another’s teaching. We can only teach what we know for ourselves. Ningijoq Jane has been to Greenland, heard Angaangaq’s personal stories, met and talked to his relatives and friends, borne witness to the effect climate change has on the survival of their sacred animal, the Polar Bear, and on their entire cultural way of life. That is a universal story that applies to every one of us. These cards change the way we see our world.
—LM, New York, USA

When I first heard about “ceremony cards” I was curious. What were they? Could I use them? I wasn’t sure if I even knew how. Then I saw the words and they drew me in; I wanted to know their meanings. The pictures were breath-taking. I bought my first set and began to use them every day. Early in the morning before dawn I face the East and choose a word card then picture card, then sit and reflect, write and pray about it. Since buying my first set I have not missed a day, and I bought a second set for travel. My ritual is one of consistency, to see how the cards change and direct my life. The Ceremony Cards center you, help you focus on what’s really important. They remind me of the grandmothers and grandfathers journey. In this world of technology it’s wonderful that something as simple as a word, a picture, and taking time with them can make such a difference. But they do!
—DH, Vermont, USA

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Ancient rocks with pink arctic beauty - Niviarsiaq, and white chickweed - Qaqortuaraq meqqulualik - Greenland —photo by Jane English