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The umiaq carries the village—the tents, the children, the old people, the tools, the dogs, the food and the altar. It is paddled by women working together, complementing the solitary man’s kayak. Umiaq and kayak are like egg and sperm. Both are necessary for life—neither is better than the other. I think of these cards as an umiaq, a vehicle for carrying culture, propelled along by women, as well as children and some older men.

—from the word card

ptarmigan on tundra

Ptarmigan on fall tundra
—Adam Lyberth

Where I come from, the women are the decision makers, because they brought us to life. A woman gave birth to you. A woman raised you. Women are raising the whole of society. The future of mankind will depend on whether or not we let women make the decisions, and if women are ready to take this responsibility.

—Angaangaq Angakkorsuaq

A personal touch:

One of my neighbors here in Vermont told me she thinks The Ceremony Cards will spread person-to person, rather than through advertising. That feels right to me. So, as I have done for many years with the I Ching yarrow stalk sets I also sell, I ask that you contact me by mail or email to order your cards. Many people have let me know they appreciate this way of doing business. This also fits with the spirit of the Teachings of the Far North.

A mini card ceremony:

I’m also happy to do a mini card ceremony with you—choosing with your permission a pair of word and image cards to give you guidance in making your purchase. This can happen by email, phone or skype.

Email me first to get my phone number or skype name. I can easily make a photo of your cards with my webcam and email it back to you.

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Also available:

A set of four posters of photographs of Greenland that are on the image cards—animals, plants, winter, summer—six of the image card photographs appear on each poster. See more . . .

Another kind of divination tool created by Jane English are Yarrow Stalks for use with the Chinese classic I Ching

See Jane English's Earth Heart website for more of her books and calendars.


For this Limited First Edition, the price is $45 for the set of The Ceremony Cards
(word card deck, image card deck, book, and cotton canvas pouch)
Vermont residents please add 6% sales tax

Postage & handling for one set of The Ceremony Cards:

In the US $8.50 for a small flat-rate priority box
Canada $30 priority or $22 first class
Other countries $42 priority or $30 first class
You also need to give us your mailing address.
Local pickup is possible in Central Vermont

How to Pay:

1 - Mail a check for your total—card set, postage, and tax if applicable to:
Jane English, PO Box 90, East Calais, VT 05650

2 - Or pay by Paypal to
All you need is a credit card to pay; you do not need a Paypal account.
Feel free to ask us for a Paypal invoice.

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Full moon rising over Appusuit, near Maniitsoq - Greenland —photo by Adam Lyberth