Still Point of the Turning World the Life of Gia-fu Feng

by Carol Ann Wilson

Still Point of the Turning World: The Life of Gia-fu Feng interweaves the life of translator, teacher, Taoist rogue Gia-fu Feng with the tumultuous historical tapestry of 20th century China and the United States. From Chinese warlords, Japanese occupation, and World War II to 1950s disillusionment, the Beats, Esalen and beyond, the story traces major events and personalities on opposite sides of the world. It  tracks a life that began with external privilege but culminated in the gradual discovery of the still point within.

The author, Carol Wilson, has donated copies of this for the crowd-funding of Jane English's forthcoming book, a Rainbow of Tao 

More information about this book is on Carol's own website.

Use the dropdown menu at the top of her page to see more: photos, review, etc. then return to the crowd-funding page to complete your order.

Amber Lotus
$18.95 ISBN: 978-1-60237-296-2
6"x9", 274 pages, softbound

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